Phoenix 2.0

Phoenix 2.0 (Photo credit: Jon_Tucker)

Passing into spirit for a time, for a timelessness,
to be lifted by wings and serenaded by spheres of angels,
to be en-flamed and renewed,
to be re-examined and en-souled.
Floating on starlight and emerging in godness at the seat of my ever burning desire,
I kneel, bowed in the awesome radiance of my power.
Now soaking in the sweet rays of love unconditional,
now hearing the sweet ring of truth flowing,
now claiming the sweet armour of my brilliance shining.
Now I rest. Here at the foot of my very BEing.

–Jaden Rose Phoenix


(c) 2009

by Jaden Rose Phoenix and Alchemy Wisdom. You may reproduce this article only in its entirety and with a link back to

Jaden Rose Phoenix is author of Beyond Human: Claiming the Power and Magic of Your Limitless Self. An internationally respected master teacher and alchemist, her workshops and lectures are prized for their simple, down-to-earth approach to exploring and harnessing the potential of consciousness.

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2 Responses to Solstice

  1. June Hansen says:


  2. Doreen in Maine says:

    LOVE this… made me very emotional. Thank you so much for sharing Jaden !

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