2015: The Year of Freedom

The energetic theme for 2015 is Freedom.

The first time I felt truly free was when I returned from my first trip to Peru. The land there worked its magic and transported me to a completely different centeredness–a space in consciousness that was far beyond the way I had previously known myself.

It was such a gift, this gift of freedom.

In this new space I was no longer subjected to the stories and ideas of myself, my old ways of understanding, and I no longer felt a need to control my life in ways that seemed “safe” but limiting.  Feeling fully supported by source, I was free to launch into the explorations that expanded my life beyond what even I could imagine at the time.

Clients are telling me they are ready and poised to leap into their life more fully, ready to feel the expansiveness and limitlessness of freedom in their lives in 2015.

What are the things in your life that keep you from feeling truly free?

The energies of 2015 are ready to transform those limitations and move you into a new level of being.  What would it feel like to feel truly free from the things that worry you, that cause uncertainty and fear, that hold you back from leaping into the opportunities of your life?

Connect into these amazing energies of 2015 and feel your limitations drop away.

Your intention is the key.

For those who want to access freedom with a group of like-minded souls, join the next Phoenix Holographic Healing Session: Accessing Freedom on January 29th, 2015 at 6pm Pacific Time (replay available).  Click here for more information.

(c) 2015

by Jaden Rose Phoenix and Alchemy Wisdom. You may reproduce this article only in its entirety and with a link back to http://alchemywisdom.com.

Jaden Rose Phoenix is the author of Beyond Human: Claiming the Power and Magic of Your Limitless Self. An internationally respected master teacher and alchemist, her workshops and lectures are prized for their simple, down-to-earth approach to exploring and harnessing the potential of consciousness.

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